Photographic Emotions

A Picture for Every Feeling

About Me

My name is Christiana Barrett and I have lived in Georgia for 10 years....


I have always had a passion for wanting to capture a person’s emotions in print. Most of my life I have walked around with a camera in hand looking for the perfect location, the tenderness of a smile or the beauty of a face.


After the birth of my son, my desire to capture each and every special moment of his life became a full time job. This is what I will bring to each and every photograph I take. My photography is about the person and their emotions. It is an expression of what that person is trying to convey. It is passion, beauty, innocence, laughter, new beginnings, celebrations, love, family, children, and memories that will last a life time.


I believe that a photograph should tell a story. Photographic Emotions will speak from the very paper it is printed on. Your photographs will tell “Your Story“. This is what I will capture from each and every customer. Your story….I want your thoughts and desires in print so you may have them preserved forever.


My passion is your Photographic Emotions......